A complete range of services

We intervene on a large range of operations

Our Expertise in fiancing operations allows us to have the upper hand in all negociations to provide tailored solutions.

Windcliff Partners works side by side with its clients on the realisation of their wealth by advising them in the process of the acquisition of their business.

This stage is of major importance in the conception and the development og the manager’s wealth. In this sense, we assist him in the preparation of the operation to defend his best interests and maximise the value of his assets.




Windcliff Partners advises its clients in the structuration and the fundraising process of equity and cash equivalents.

Our proximity with all the financial ecosystel allows us to collaborate with regional, national, and international market players.

Our expertise in equity fundraising allows us to structure complex operations and defend the best interests of our clients.

We are aware that the choicr of a new financial partner (Shareholder or debtholder) is of major importance to the success of a project.





Our expertise in equity and debt fundraising allows us to structure complex financing operations.

We are aware that the structuration of the financing is of major importance to the success of a project and we advise our clientd with solutions tailored to their needs.






Windcliff Partners advises iths clients in operations of capital restructuring like inheritance and succession of familial enterprises, the entry of management in the capital, exit strategies, and LBO operations.







Windcliff Partners assists its clients in the elaborations and realisation of their external growth strategy.

We advise our clients in every key stage, from the definition of their strategy to the screening of targetsn or their analysis, until the negociation and the financing of the operation.






Windcliff Partners advises managers in the capital retructuring of their businesses, as much in the context of the exit of a shareholder and the negociation on behalf of a shareholder.

Our technical knowledge and our broad expertise in negociation allows us to perfect sensitive operations of capital transfers.

Our role is to bring technical solutions and be the trusted counterpart during discussions between shareholders.